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How to Permanently Replace All Your Teeth (And Avoid Dentures) With The Unique Next Smile™ All-On-4® Protocol

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Tuesday, August 2nd, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

What we'll show you in this Seminar...

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  • Discover how All-on-4® is giving people the chance to eat, smile, chew normally again, the way that others take for granted.
  • Why all dental implants are NOT created equal, and how the implants you choose can affect your dental health over the long term. 
  • See exactly how All-On-4® works with examples of what a replacement arch looks like (and where the implants are placed in the jaw)
  • How we use advanced diagnostic technology to perform “virtual” surgery BEFORE we even touch your mouth, which ensures a successful and predictable result. 
  • What’s involved in each step of the treatment process and what you can expect from day 1, and years into the future.
  • Find out who is suitable for the treatment (and what they can do for you even if you think you don’t have enough bone left in your jaw)
  • We’ll clear up myths and misconceptions, including promises of “permanent teeth in a few days,” and reveal the truth to help you become a more informed patient.
  • How to make the cost of the treatment affordable with different payment pathways and financing options

Also, during the webinar, you can anonymously submit any questions you want to ask Dr Tony Rotondo, and he will answer them all in the question time at the end of the night.

PLUS, anyone who attends will have the opportunity to receive an All-On-4® consultation with either Dr Tony or Dr David Sandelli (Usually $465) at a special attendee-only rate. It includes x-rays and scans to find out if you are eligible, recommended path forward, and a detailed conversation about payment options with our treatment coordinator. 

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Meet The Next Smile Brisbane Team

Dr Tony

Dr Tony Rotondo is a prosthodontist specialist with over 30 years of experience in dental implants and oral surgery. On top of that, he is an All-On-4 practitioner. This means that he has the deep training, knowledge, and skill to handle complex dental matters, including restoring and replacing missing teeth.

Dr Tony was the first surgeon to bring the All-on-4® concept to Queensland. He is one of the most accomplished implant surgeons in Brisbane, with over 500 All-on-4® procedures completed (it’s rare for more than 50 cases to be performed)

As a leading dental professional in Australia, he is well-regarded among his peers nationwide. They often seek his counsel, wisdom and even receive treatment from Dr Tony himself. 

He is driven by a commitment to do what is in the best interests of his patients. This is reflected in his attention to quality and detail for the patient’s entire All-on-4® journey.

He has put together a dedicated, specialised team for All-on-4® procedures. And, as a cosmetic dentist and an avid photographer, Dr Tony has an eye for the aesthetically-pleasing. This ensures that his patients receive a strong set of teeth that also look great.

Dr Tony

Dr David

Dr David

Dr David Sandelli is a highly experienced dental implant clinician. He works closely with Dr Rotondo on all All-on-4® matters. He performs All-on-4® Consultations for Next Smile Brisbane, and plays a pivotal role during every All-on-4® surgical procedure.

Dr David was born in Canada where he graduated from Saint Mary’s University before traveling to Australia to complete his dental degree at the University of Queensland in 2006. 

He has worked alongside Tony Rotondo since 2009. He has been restoring implants and performing All-on-4® cases for more than 10 years, and has restored thousands of implants to date.

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Larry Benge consulting

Real All-On-4 Patient Results

What is All-On-4®?

All-On-4® is a dental implant technique that rests a full arch of replacement teeth on 4 implants  - two near the front and two at the back. 

Removable dentures shift around in your mouth, making it difficult to do everyday activities like eating, speaking and smiling. All-On-4® is a long-term solution that lets you get back to living everyday life without needing to think about your teeth all the time — permanently.

All-On-4 is less invasive, safer, more comfortable and drastically more effective than alternative solutions. 

The best part? 

They look and feel like real teeth. This means you can talk, laugh, smile and eat all of your favourite foods, just like you used to.

The Next Smile™ Difference...

Our Care for Your Quality and Safety

Our number one priority is to make sure you are safe and comfortable while you’re in our care. Our driving force is that we care deeply for our patients, and we never compromise on the quality of treatment or patient care. 

We never want you to feel unsettled or anxious about coming to the dentist. Because of that, we plan out and coordinate your entire treatment with you from pre-treatment to final teeth. 

We want you to always know what’s happening at every step of your procedure and what the end result will look like.

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On-Site All-on-4® Treatment Amenities

Our clinic is outfitted with specialized equipment to keep you safe and comfortable during your All-On-4® treatment, including:

  • 3D imaging machines (OPG/CBCT) onsite for your x-rays
  • Onsite prosthetics laboratory where we make your All-On-4® arches 
  • A private recovery area for you to gently wake up in

Very few clinics in Brisbane have the same comprehensive setup to deliver All-On-4® safely and effectively.


Our vision is that everyone can have convenient access to All-On-4® support. Our goal is to create a network of local partner dentists (“Local Access Partners”) to make sure patients can access 80% of all-on-4 treatment within 2 hours drive of their home.

On top of that, to make sure you’re never left without support for your new teeth. You can visit any of our 6 major Next Smile™ clinics around Australia (which we call “Super Centres”).

At each Super Centre you visit, you will get the same quality of treatment in that every single one of them adhere to the Malo Protocol and give you the Gold Standard when it comes to the All-on-4® procedure.


Level 4, Suite 1/106 Edward Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

Areas Covered
Greater Brisbane, Western Queensland, Sunshine Coast, Central Queensland and Far North Queensland.

The practice has been in Brisbane City for about 31 years, initially at Market street and about 17 years ago on 106 Edward Street and has always stood for integrity and excellence.

The practice is also a teaching facility and is used by Dr Rotondo to run courses for about 24 days each calendar year. Hundreds of dentists from all over Australia and throughout the world have spent time here furthering their desire for professional excellence.

If you need immediate assistance, feel free to reach out to us below.


Call us on 1300 625 628

Terms and Conditions

What does the initial consultation include
You'll find out if you’re a suitable candidate for All-On-4®, and they will let you know your treatment options. We encourage patients to talk about their concerns and after your 3D CT Scan and X-Rays, you'll chat with our All-On-4® Treatment Coordinator.

Together you'll look at the treatment costs, and discuss our range of payment options.
This includes:

  • A free 3D CT Scan (which also includes X-Rays) to spot any underlying dental issues
  • A comprehensive treatment plan personalised just for you

Once you have had your complimentary consultation, there is no obligation whatsoever to go ahead with the All-On-4 treatment should you feel it is not the right fit for you. We will discuss all the options that are suitable for your individual needs should you wish to explore different alternatives.

Eligibility to receive this initial consultation *limited time only* offer
You are required to attend an Online All-On-4 Seminar (unless agreed otherwise at the Practice’s digression)
*this offer expires in 30 days*

Booking your consultation
All consultations must be booked prior to attending the clinic. You can fill out the online form and we will call you to arrange a time for your booking. Alternatively, you can call us to arrange a booking using the contact details provided on our website.

Prices on our website are not to be seen as a specific quote for treatment
Prices may vary depending on your individual needs and depending on the complexity of your case. We will discuss pricing in your consultation and give you a quote after we have assessed your needs

If you can't make it to your appointment
If you need to reschedule your appointment for any reason, please let us know by contacting the clinic. We will also send out a confirmation sms at least 2 prior to the appointment date, This helps us to schedule in other patients should you not be able to make it.

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