Free Live Online All-On-4 Information Evening

Join Dr Brian Johnston and Next Smile™ on Tuesday, August 2nd at 7:00 PM and discover…

How You Can Permanently Replace All of Your Teeth With The Unique Malo All-On-4 Protocol

Permanently Replace All of Your Teeth With The Unique Malo
All-On-4® Protocol

Get clear on what All-On-4 is, how it can permanently restore your smile and the costs involved — from the comfort of your home!

Tuesday, August 2nd, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

As Featured On

As Featured On

During this free online seminar you'll: 

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  • Discover how All-On-4® can permanently fix your smile and give you back a full set of teeth! (Say goodbye to removable dentures and hiding your smile)
  • Learn about three often overlooked payment options that make All-On-4® cost effective...
  • Discover a BIG All-On-4® mistake regular people make that could end up costing you thousands of dollars and damage your health…
  • Find out who is suitable for the treatment (and what they can do for you even if you think you don’t have enough bone left in your jaw)
  • Hear from previous Next Smile™ patients about their All-On-4® experience.
  • Learn all about how Next Smile™ are making All-On-4® available Australia wide (Yes! Even remote and regional locations).
  • Discover the real reason Next Smile™ is Australia’s leading team of All-On-4® dentists (and why our treatment process is considered the All-On-4® Gold Standard).

PLUS if you register today and show up live, you’ll get a FREE All-On-4® consultation with Dr David O’Malley, Dr Andrew Welsh, or Dr Brian Johnston (Usually $315).

Real All-On-4 Patient Results

Meet The Next Smile™ Ballarat Team

Dr Brian Johnston

Next Smile Ballarat, Ballarat Clinic

Dr Brian Johnston has over 31 years of experience in dentistry and have performed over 250+ cases of All-on-4® (very few dentists have even done 50 in their whole careers).

Dr Brian was trained personally by Paulo Malo (The Inventor of All-on-4®) and is featured on magazines and radio stations such as 3BA.

Dr Brian and his team puts a lot of emphasis on your specific patient journey. They understand what it takes to create an outstanding patient experience and aim to make every part of your journey as exceptional, stress-free and comfortable as it can be.

With tens of thousands of hours in postgraduate education over the years, Dr Brian brings an industry leading level of knowledge to his patients at Next Smile.

Dr Brian Johnston

Next Smile Ballarat, Ballarat Clinic

Dr Andrew Welsh

Next Smile Ballarat, Geelong Clinic

Dr Andrew Welsh has lived in Geelong all his life and has over 17 years experience, with a particular passion for implant and prosthetic dentistry.

A natural people person, Andrew is drawn to helping and mentoring others.  He has lectured for Melbourne and LaTrobe University dental students. He also served as President of the Southern Group of the Australian Dental Association Victoria Branch for many years.

He is exceptionally well-regarded by patients. Here’s what Hayley R. had to say:

“Dr Andrew Welsh is the best dentist I have ever seen... Andrew went above and beyond to ensure a great result. Couldn't recommend highly enough. [My new teeth] look fantastic and I am more happy than words can explain.”

Dr Andrew is a father of 2 children and has 2 dogs (a cavalier king Charles and a Pug) Outside the clinic, he enjoys cooking and smoking food, skiing and jet skiing.

Dr David O’Malley

Next Smile Ballarat, Bendigo Clinic

Dr. David O’Malley has been serving patients in the Bendigo area since 2012.

After seeing his own parents struggle with dentures, he is an advocate of All-on-4®’s ability to help patients improve their day-to-day lives without the drawbacks of dentures. He was mentored by none other than Dr Brian Johnston.

Dr. David believes it is not acceptable to just be an average dentist or to deliver average results -- he has always aimed to exceed expectations.

It’s why patients rave about Dr David and his team, like Rachel M. experienced:

“Dr O’Malley and the team are always so welcoming and reassuring. No one likes going to the dentist but they can put anyone at ease.

He is knowledgeable and can give lots of helpful info and includes you in all decision making by giving you all the options.

Highly recommend Dr David and his team!”

When not in the clinic, Dr David is part of a movie group called ‘Marvel Dads’, and owns over 40 gaming consoles!

Dr David O’Malley

Next Smile Ballarat, Bendigo Clinic

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Larry Benge consulting

Permanently Replace Your Teeth, Gain Life Changing Levels of Confidence, And Smile Wide At Every Opportunity —  With All-On-4®

Nobody should have to:

  • Hide their smile
  • Give up eating the foods they love
  • Or live in pain due to their oral health

Most people have tried bridges, implants and dentures. In many cases, Dentists will say these are the best or only options available…

Luckily, that's not the case.

All-On-4® is the first and only treatment that replaces all of your missing teeth in one visit — without requiring additional surgery or dentures down the line.

With All-On-4®, you can enjoy your new smile immediately after treatment. You’ll be able to eat all of your favourite foods again (yes, you can enjoy chewy steaks and other hard to eat foods again) and show off your new pearly whites at every opportunity.

At Next Smile™, you can count on a safe, comfortable, convenient and affordable All-On-4® experience by Australia’s leading practitioners.

The Next Smile™ Difference…

Our Level of Care, Quality & Safety

Our high level of quality, care and safety is achieved through our strict adherence of the Malo Protocol. It is the original method of performing All-on-4® as intended by Paulo Malo - the founder of All-on-4®.

It is the only protocol that has a 98% success rate and is clinically proven by over 25 years of clinical research data.

Above all else, our priority is for you to feel safe and comfortable throughout the entire treatment process.

Purpose-Built Facilities

We’re proud to be the only purpose-built All-On-4® facility in Western Victoria. We developed Next Smile™ Ballarat to provide patients with a complete All-On-4® experience.

From 3D Imagery machines to an onsite prosthetics laboratory and everything in between — Next Smile Ballarat is your one stop All-On-4® shop!


Everyone should have access to quality All-On-4® advice and care.

We service all of Western Victoria and have locations in Ballarat, Geelong, and Bendigo for All-on-4® Consultations.

Nationwide After Care

We're proud to provide patients with the best possible post-treatment care available. As a national brand, you can feel confident in knowing that no matter where you are in Australia, you’ll be close to a Next Smile™ facility if you relocate. 

And if you relocate overseas, we have global partners we can connect you with - so you know you’ll always be in the best possible care.

One Time Only Live Event - No Replays Available



Our clinic in Ballarat is our main location is Western Victoria. It houses our purpose-built All-on-4® surgical facility, including 3D imagery machines to an onsite prosthetics laboratory.

212 Drummond St N
Ballarat Central VIC 3350

03 5364 9500


- Monday to Thursday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
- Friday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
- Weekends & Public holidays Closed


Our clinic in Geelong is headed by Dr Andrew Welsh. We provide All-on-4® Consultations for Geelong and surrounding areas.

For your convenience, limited free 2 hour parking is available in Malop Street. Lift access to our suite on the first floor is available.

1st Floor, 200 Malop Street
Geelong 3220

03 5223 2833


- Monday to Wednesday 8:30am – 5pm
- Thursday 8:30am – 6:30pm
- Friday 8:30am – 2:30pm
- Saturday & Sunday CLOSED


Our clinic in Bendigo is headed by Dr David O’Malley. We provide All-on-4® Consultations for Bendigo and surrounding areas.

147 Arnold St
Bendigo VIC 3550

03 5443 3160


- Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5pm
- Saturday & Sunday CLOSED

Terms and Conditions

The retail value of the initial All-on-4 consultation is $315
But you’ll receive your consultation free of charge!

What does the initial consultation include
You'll find out if you’re a suitable candidate for All-On-4®, and they will let you know your treatment options. We encourage patients to talk about their concerns and after your 3D CT Scan and X-Rays, you'll chat with our All-On-4® Treatment Coordinator. Together you'll look at the treatment costs, and discuss our range of payment options.
This includes:

  • A free 3D CT Scan (which also includes X-Rays) to spot any underlying dental issues
  • A comprehensive treatment plan personalised just for you

Once you have had your complimentary consultation, there is no obligation whatsoever to go ahead with the All-On-4 treatment should you feel it is not the right fit for you. We will discuss all the options that are suitable for your individual needs should you wish to explore different alternatives.

Eligibility to receive this complimentary initial consultation offer
You are required to attend an Online All-On-4 Seminar (unless agreed otherwise at the Practice’s digression)
*this offer expires in 30 days*

Booking your complimentary consultation
All consultations must be booked prior to attending the clinic. You can fill out the online form and we will call you to arrange a time for your booking. Alternatively, you can call us to arrange a booking using the contact details provided on our website.

Prices on our website are not to be seen as a specific quote for treatment
Prices may vary depending on your individual needs and depending on the complexity of your case. We will discuss pricing in your complimentary consultation and give you a quote after we have assessed your needs.

If you can't make it to your appointment
If you need to reschedule your appointment for any reason, please let us know by contacting the clinic. We will also send out a confirmation sms at least 2 prior to the appointment date, This helps us to schedule in other patients should you not be able to make it.

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